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Welcome to the International Affairs Office, Bangkok University

Welcome to International Affairs Office, Bangkok University

We are located at Main Campus in Building C6, Ground Floor, and our task is multifold. As the name suggests, we are involved in international affairs that relate to the university.

We take care of the university's English correspondence and arrange academic collaboration agreements with other universities worldwide. We also organize guest programs for visitors to the university, which can involve pick up at the airport, meetings with executives and faculty, campus tours, city tours, and more. 

For the community of foreign faculty members, our office does the employment, visa and work permit documents processing. This paperwork involves the Office of the Higher Education Commission, Department of Employment - Ministry of Labour, and the Immigration Bureau. 

Since we are a bi-lingual (Thai-English) operating office we also have a special section that takes care of translation work, mainly translations of official forms and announcements, but also proofreading and editing of English texts and articles to be published by the university. 

For BU graduates who decide to continue their studies abroad, or who want to apply for a job, we process and produce a letter of recommendation written by a faculty member who has known the student during his/her study at BU. 

Our office also runs the BU Liaison Project that can provide temporary jobs for students who are interested in improving their English skills by helping us in receiving guests, or helping other organizations in Bangkok to run their conferences and seminars. 

BU Liaison Project

With the English language having become the major language in international communication, Bangkok University wants its students to have practical opportunities to develop their English skills. There is now a project that provides hands-on learning called the BU Liaison Project.

What does BU Liaison Project involve?

Throughout the year, Bangkok University receives many delegations from various institutions in the world. International Affairs Office takes care of the Guest Program that provides foreign delegations with assistance when they have meetings here at the university, and when they are interested in seeing more of the Thai culture.

Since 2002, International Affairs Office gives students the opportunity to participate in this guest program. As a student you have the opportunity to develop your English language and hospitality skills and at the same time you are of much help to the university. Such experience can be added to your list of extra-curricular activities and will stand out on your resume.

Foreign delegations are met at the airport and taken to their accommodation arranged by the university. They are guided to the meetings they have with BU Executives, campus tours are given, and sometimes they are taken on a sightseeing tour in and around Bangkok. IAO also looks for opportunities where students can work with other organizations that hold international seminars and conferences in and around Bangkok. At such seminars and conferences, you can help in the practical organization which involves interaction with foreign delegates as well.


  1. To provide students with the opportunity to practice English speaking through hands-on experience
  2. To enhance the students' speaking skills and their sense of responsibility
  3. To make the task of receiving guests more pleasant and efficient
  4. To create a positive image of Bangkok University regarding the students' qualities and abilities

Target group:

  1. Both day and evening program students (Thai and Bilingual programs)
  2. Thai students who study in the International College.


  1. Day and evening program students (Thai program), Thai students who study in Thai, International, or Bilingual programs.
  2. Thai students with a Cumulative GPA not lower than 2.5
  3. Thai Students with a good command of English
  4. Passed English no less than 2 classes with a B grade or higher

Application Procedure:

  1. Applicants can download the application form from BUIAO website or send a request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  2. Fill out the application form and email it together with a copy of your current class schedule, an unofficial transcript and a photo to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  3. The original documents need to be submitted on the interview day. Applicants must pass the English interview given by the BUIAO staff
  4. The selected applicants must join the liaison training organized by BUIAO.


  1. Students will gain more confidence in using English for communication
  2. BUIAO can be an "agent" for Bangkok University and external institutions in providing English speaking students to join their activities
  3. BU guests, external institutions, as well as the university will all benefit from this extended service


Students equipped with other language proficiency, e.g. Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, etc., are welcome to join the BU Liaison Project.

Q & A

What does liaison mean?

We have called this program for students the BU Liaison Project. The word liaison means cooperation and exchange of information between two organizations. These two organizations are Bangkok University and the foreign delegates, guests, clients, or, the institutions that organize seminars and conferences. A liaison represents Bangkok University and collaborates with other persons and groups.

Are liaisons paid for their work?

Your participation in the liaison project is not financially rewarded, although other organizations might offer a modest sum of payment. We would like you to see this kind of work as a service during which you can gain valuable experience that will be of benefit for your future career.

What do I need to do?

If you are a Thai student with a GPA not lower than 2.50 and have already good English language skills but like to develop yourself more in conversation with foreigners, then you are welcome to apply at International Affairs Office where you can collect an application form. We will also need a copy of your current class schedule, an unofficial transcript and a photo. You will be invited to an interview and finally placed on our stand-by liaisons list. Whenever there is a seminar, conference or guest program that requires more people, you will be contacted and asked to participate.

What about project work during study time?

We will not ask you to work for us during your class hours, although in urgent situations exceptions can be made for which you will receive a letter of absence request for your teacher.

How do I prepare myself for the project work?

Mostly, foreign delegations want to know about the study programs offered at Bangkok University. They also may ask about BU's history. Questions are also asked about the Thai culture, the meaning of special festivals and ceremonies. You need to become knowledgeable in this regard and able to explain simply and clearly. In the working world, to be on time is important and we ask you to be punctual. We also ask you to wear the university's uniform because you represent Bangkok University during your liaison work.

How can I join?

If you feel inspired and you think the liaison project will be beneficial to you, feel welcome to contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it. We will contact you in return to make arrangements.

Address your email to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Collaborative Programs

Tailor-made Collaborative Programs at Bangkok University, Thailand

Our programs incorporate forward-looking trends in Business and Multi-Media, World of Culinary Arts, Leadership and Human Development, work-camp learning for students in sustainable work solutions, and local and international cooperation. Bangkok University International Affairs Office (BUIAO) offers tailor-made programs to our partner and non-partner universities across the world.

Catch the opportunity to learn in a creative learning environment and enter deeper into your field of work and interest. Come and explore Bangkok, the city that was awarded by Travel + Leisure Magazine 2010 the "World's Best City”.

How to connect your university with us for a special tailor-made program?

  1. Contact our Bangkok University International Affairs Office (BUIAO)
  2. Tell us your special requirements: Number of participants, objectives of the program, students’ field of study and interests etc.
  3. We will work on the budget and details of your program with you!

Visa and Work Permit Processing

For BU’s foreign employees, International Affairs Office processes the employment, visa and work permit documents with the related government departments and offices.
  • A 1-year non-immigrant B visa and a 1-year work permit can be acquired after the verification of the documents by the Office of the Higher Education Commission.
  • This verification process can take 1 to 3 months or longer.
  • The Immigration Law is subject to change.

The procedure of applying for a work permit:

Although most of the processing of this application is taken care of by IAO, the participation of the foreign employee will be required particularly at the beginning stage.

Procedure: the documents are handed over to the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour, Dindaeng Road, Bangkok. A receipt of request will be given that states the collecting date of your work permit. This receipt is shown at the Immigration Bureau in order to receive a visa extension of your current visa. A photocopy of the visa extension has to be submitted to the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour, which will become part of your work permit application.


All procedure steps mentioned above must be completed within the same day. The foreign employee must be present with the IAO officer. The work permit will usually be granted within 10 working days.

Visa extension for dependents:

For foreign employees with dependents (e.g. spouse and/or children), International Affairs Office will take care of their visa extension as well. A photocopy of the marriage registration and a copy of the birth certificate(s) are required. When the children do not have a personal passport one of the parents must include the children in his/her application of the visa. However, the employee is responsible for the application expenses of his/her dependents.

Re-entry permit and 90-day report:

IAO does not take care of the re-entry permit application and the 90-day report. The employee needs to apply for a re-entry permit by him/herself at the Government Complex, Chaengwattana Rd., Bangkok. The cost of a single re-entry permit is THB 1,000 whereas a multiple re-entry permit costs THB 3,800. The documents that are required are the re-entry permit application form of the Immigration Bureau, one photo, and the fee. A re-entry permit is always required when leaving the country with the intention to return on the current non-immigrant B visa.

In case your visa becomes invalid due to travel abroad without a re-entry permit, the employee will need to cover the costs when applying for a new Non-Immigrant B visa, including the travel expenses if required. Invalidity of your visa can also invalidate your work permit which renewal costs need to be borne by the employee as well.

Scholarship Recipients

Documents for BU Scholarship Recipients

IAO provides the service for BU faculty members who receive a full-scholarship from BU to further their studies abroad by issuing the documents required for program and visa application.

Prior to Application

- Scholarship Certification

The scholarship recipient writes the 1st memo to the Director of International Affairs Office through his/her line of authority and informs the following:

  • Estimated Expenses (per semester and per year)
  • Address of University
  • Name and Position of Receiver
  • Field of Study

With the form of financial status from the University, attach both the original document and a copy to your memo. This document certifies that BU will sponsor the scholarship recipient for his/her study at the designated institution.

After Being Admitted

The scholarship recipient writes 2 memos to the Director of International Affairs Office through his/her line of authority:

The 2nd Memo requesting:

  • Certified letter for visa application (attach a copy of the 1st page of passport)
  • Evidence of Financial Status issued by Bangkok Bank

The 3rd Memo requesting:

Letter to the Bursar Office (attach a copy of I-20). The address of the Bursar Office must be stated.

Scholarship recipients who would like to request a letter of recommendation from the President or the Vice President of their division must write a memo directly to the involved person. The executive who prefers that IAO issues a letter on behalf of him/her will then forward the memo to the IAO Director.

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