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Visa and Work Permit Processing

For BU’s foreign employees, International Affairs Office processes the employment, visa and work permit documents with the related government departments and offices

  • A 1-year non-immigrant B visa and a 1-year work permit can be acquired after the verification of the documents by the Office of the Higher Education Commission.
  • This verification process can take 1 to 3 months or longer.
  • The Immigration Law is subject to change.  

The procedure of applying for a work permit:

Although most of the processing of this application is taken care of by IAO, the participation of the foreign employee will be required particularly at the beginning stage.


Procedure: the documents are handed over to the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour, Dindaeng Road, Bangkok. A receipt of request will be given that states the collecting date of your work permit. This receipt is shown at the Immigration Bureau in order to receive a visa extension of your current visa. A photocopy of the visa extension has to be submitted to the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour, which will become part of your work permit application.


All procedure steps mentioned above must be completed within the same day. The foreign employee must be present with the IAO officer. The work permit will usually be granted within 10 working days.

Visa extension for dependants:

For foreign employees with dependents (e.g. spouse and/or children), International Affairs Office will take care of their visa extension as well. A photocopy of the marriage registration and a copy of the birth certificate(s) are required. When the children do not have a personal passport one of the parents must include the children in his/her application of the visa. However, the employee is responsible for the application expenses of his/her dependents.

Re-entry visa 90-day report:

IAO does not take care of the re-entry permit application and the 90-day report. The employee needs to apply for a re-entry permit by him/herself at the Government Complex, Chaengwattana Rd., Bangkok. The cost of a single re-entry permit is THB 1,000 whereas a multiple re-entry permit costs THB 3,800. The documents that are required are the re-entry permit application form of the Immigration Bureau, one photo, and the fee. A re-entry permit is always required when leaving the country with the intention to return on the current non-immigrant B visa.


In case your visa becomes invalid due to travel abroad without a re-entry permit, the employee will need to cover the costs when applying for a new Non-Immigrant B visa, including the travel expenses if required. Invalidity of your visa can also invalidate your work permit which renewal costs need to be borne by the employee as well.

At the bottom of this page you will find the first page of the 90-day form and re-entry permit application form to apply for 90-day report and re-entry permit. 

Download this file (90-Day Report Form.doc)90 Days Form[ ]37 Kb
Download this file (Re-entry Permit.doc)Re-Entry Permit Form[ ]66 Kb
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