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Scholarship Recipient

Documents for BU Scholarship Recipients

IAO provides the service for BU faculty members who receive a full-scholarship from BU to further their studies abroad by issuing the documents required for program and visa application.

Prior to Application

-Scholarship Certification

The scholarship recipient writes the 1st memo to Director, International Affairs Office through his/her line of authority and informs the following:
      - Estimated Expenses (per semester and per year)
      - Address of University
      - Name and Position of Receiver
      - Field of Study

With the form of financial status from the University, attach both the original document and a copy to your memo. This document certifies that BU will sponsor the scholarship recipient for his/her study at the involved institution.

After being Admitted

The scholarship recipient

The scholarship recipient writes 2 memos to Director, International Affairs Office through his/her line of authority:

The 2nd Memo requesting:

      - Certified letter for visa application (attach a copy of the 1st page of passport)
      - Evidence of Financial Status issued by Bangkok Bank

The 3rd Memo requesting:

      - Letter to Bursar Office (attach a copy of I-20) Address of the Bursar Office must be stated.

The scholarship recipients who would like to request a letter of recommendation from President or Vice President of their division must write a memo directly to the involved person. The executive who prefers that IAO issues a letter on behalf of him/her will then forward the memo jeux de Taxi jeux de Camion jeux de Parking jeux de Moto to IAO Director.

Please note that IAO does not facilitate admission to a university, we can only provide the required documents for this.

1. Sample of Memo_Certification   Download  
2. Sample of Memo_Visa+Finance  Download 
3. Sample of Memo_Bursar  Download 

Download this file (Memo_Visa Request Letter.pdf)Example Memo_Visa Request Letter[Example Memo_Visa Request Letter]207 Kb
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