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September 2015 World Festival: USA

World Festivals: USA


D e c i b e l  F e s t i v a l

Where: S e a t t l e

When:  September 23-27, 2015


The 12th Annual Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music Performance, Visual Art and New Media will be taking place September 23rd through the 27th across Seattle.

What is it?

The Decibel Festival is Seattle's electronic music festival, playing host to five days of music hedonism in the northwest. It includes the Decibel Conference, a three-day event with speakers and sessions that include Resident Advisor Exchange interviews, music and gaming, and an exhibition of cutting edge digital tools with workshops.

Started When?

Decibel Festival was founded in 2003 by Sean Horton to expose people to cutting edge electronic music, interactive multimedia and visual art, and to educate them, too.

Decibel is the kind of festival where the artists who perform tend to manipulate, mess around with, and exploit technology to its full advantage, and where the attendees and scores of volunteers are as into the music itself as they are the city of Seattle.

With the help of tons of volunteers, Decibel has expanded across the city, reaching its peak with over 28,000 attendees in 2014.


The Decibel Festival is a five-day affair that customarily attracts more than 25,000 people per year. In Decibel’s 10-year history, it has brought more than 1,000 performers from more than 40 countries to its multiple-stage set up in Seattle.

The bulk of festival activity occurs in the Capitol Hill neighborhood—a bastion of progressive thinking, coffeehouses, clubs, bookstores, and mixed housing, from apartments to mansions. There,

you’ll find the closest thing to a hub: Broadway Performance Hall, home to the will call ticket window, conference activity and film screenings, and dB in the park.


All Decibel, All the Time—Even at Other Festivals

Decibel’s primary activity is its festival, but recently, it’s started to organize and produce more than 50 events all year round—about seven events per month, averaging around 700 people per event. It’s a way to expand the brand, for sure, but it’s also byproduct of the can-do collaborative spirit that Seattle is known for. These range from concerts at clubs around the city to larger scale, collaborative events produced in conjunction with other organizations such as the Seattle Theatre Group and AEG Live.


Source: http://dbfestival.com


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